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Generous UNISON members help Rotherham foodbank (02/10/14)

Foodbank photo

Pic: Joint Branch Secretary Ruth Askwith and Convenor Sharon Cakebread with the food donations

Generous UNISON members help Rotherham foodbank

UNISON members answered the call to help the local foodbank after it was targeted by burglars. The Rotherham foodbank was ransacked and 60% of its food stock was stolen. UNISON held a collection outside Riverside House and was overwhelmed by the response. Members donated enough food to fill 60 bags, which have now been delivered to the foodbank.

Rotherham foodbank provides much needed support to some of the town's most vulnerable families. So far this year, the Foodbank has helped almost 1500 people in the town, including over 460 children. We are pleased that, through our members' generosity, we have been able to get the foodbank back up and running.

Children's Centres - Latest Bulletin (02/10/14)
Strike: Tuesday 14th October 2014 (30/09/14)

Local government workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland voted for action after rejecting the employers' pay offer of just 1%. The first strike day took place on 10 July and a second strike will happen on Tuesday 14 October. 

Most UNISON members are low-paid, part-time women workers, struggling to pay their household bills. Losing pay for strike action is not something they do lightly.
Our members are not asking for the 14% pay increase company bosses and bankers are getting. Or the 11% MPs will see. They are just asking for a rise of at least £1 an hour.
That would mean almost half a million council and school support workers currently earning below the Living Wage of £7.65 an hour could come off in-work benefits.

UNISON members: 5 reasons to go on strike

  1. You can’t afford another pay and pension cut
    The current government offer leaves most workers with pay worth almost 20% less than in 2010. Falling pay also means loss of pension for the rest of your life.
  2. You are worth fair pay for the work you do
    Your pay and conditions are the worst in the public sector - from top to bottom.
  3. Taking another pay cut won’t save jobs and services
    Despite a pay freeze, jobs have gone and services continue to be stripped to the bone, privatised or stopped all together. There’s no reason to believe a pay cut will stop this.
  4. All this will continue unless we act now
    Low pay is bad for workers and bad for the economy. That’s why politicians from all parties are calling for an end to low pay. Many local government workers rely on benefits to pay bills. Right now, the taxpayer is subsidising local government to pay poverty wages.
  5. Our claim for a minimum of £1 more an hour for all is affordable
    Paying all local government workers a living wage will boost Treasury coffers by around £0.9bn every year from increased tax and national insurance take - shifting many off in-work benefits and reducing the bill to taxpayers.

Three ways to get involved in the campaign

  1. Join UNISON if you’re not a member; follow us if you are. It’s easy to join, so why not do it now? If you’re already a member, that’s great – perhaps you can invite friends and colleagues to join and bolster our voice?
  2. Share your stories with UNISON. What do falling wages mean to you or your family? Why are you supporting the campaign? What did you do on July 10? What will you be doing for the 14 October strike? Tell us your story and share your pictures – it’s easy: just contact us on Twitter or Facebook or email NJCPay2014@unison.co.uk.
  3. Email your local MP and councillor. Ask them to support council workers, home carers, teaching assistants, school support staff and the services they deliver. Take action right here.

The Hope Church Food Bank Appeal - Your help needed (12/09/14)

The Hope Church, which is situated on Grove Road in Rotherham has been subjected to a break in. The church, which runs a foodbank for families living in poverty, has been ransacked. The foodbank has been destroyed and will be closed for a few days while volunteers repair the damage and clean up. 

When the foodbank re-opens there is likely to be a backlog of people in need of its support and a shortage of food due to the theft.

UNISON asks to you to make a donation of a non-perishable item(s) of food such as tinned or packet foods (pasta, rice etc). Any donations can be brought to the UNISON branch office and we will pass them on to the foodbank. Alternatively you can drop them off at the Hope Church on Grove Road.

The foodbank is a vital resource for some of the most vulnerable in our community and we hope you will be able to support this appeal.

Children's Centres - Latest Bulletin PLUS Survey(04/08/14)

UNISON Campaign Saves 3 Centres - Bulletin

Please also fill out the following survey to help us to campaign further.

UNISON delivers Living Wage for RMBC Staff! (12/05/14)

Living wage

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have confirmed that they will pay the living wage to around 1500 members of staff from October 2014.

This will mean a rise for those on the lowest pay - boosting the hourly rate up to £7.65 per hour, which is £1.34 more than the National Minimum Wage rate for workers aged 21 years and over.

UNISON Rotherham has actively campaigned for the Council to adopt the living wage, which they originally stated was unaffordable, and we collected hundreds of petition signatures in support of our campaign last summer.

This successful campaign highlights UNISON Rotherham’s ongoing commitment as a campaigning union and demonstrates the success we can deliver when we campaign strongly. The council have confirmed that the costs incurred by this increase are budgeted for and if you think you may benefit from this wage rise and would like to discuss further please contact the branch office.

Update your membership details - draw to win £50 vouchers (28/03/14)

For all existing members who update their personal details during March/ April 2014 they will be entered in to a draw to win £50 of ‘M & S’ vouchers.

Click here... print out... fill in and...

Please return completed forms to UNISON Rotherham, Freepost RRJH-AGLL-EKHE, Lawrence House, Downs Row, Rotherham, S60 2HD

Save Our SureStart Children's Centres (March 2014)

save our sure start

Rotherham Council will close 13 children’s centres to save £2.2 million. In what it calls a re-configuration of the service...but to us it looks like decimation.

We are yet to learn which centres will be closed or how they have been chosen but we do know that more than 100 jobs will be cut and we believe the “re-configured” service will leave thousands of vulnerable under-5s and their families without adequate access to support.

Download the bulletin here...

Branch Rules and Constitution (25/09/12)

The new Branch Rules and Constitution has been published. You can find it here...

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